The Benton-Franklin Humane Society, located in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State, is a private, non-profit organization supported solely by contributions. BFHS is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and the creation of a more responsible and humane community.  We operate an Adoption Center and No-Kill Shelter in Kennewick, Washington.

Although we have hundreds of members and dozens of volunteers, we are really nothing more than a single person saying “Yes, I want to help.” On this website you’ll learn how to adopt a pet, report animal cruelty, lend a helping hand to animals, and much more.

BFHS is not affiliated with any other local or national organization and receives no tax dollars; our work is made possible only by the generosity of people like yourself.



Compassion Fatigue Workshop

Everyday starts better with a good breakfast. Well, what could be better than a good breakfast that help the homeless animals too? Nothing!

The “double- edged sword” phenomenon of working in the animal care industry-you’ve dedicated your life to making a positive difference for animals, but the emotional stress is draining, exhausting and taking a toll on you.-Colleen Mehelich

“I know if I don’t, no one else will”                           “Only I understand what to do”

“At night I can’t stop obsessing about work”           “I dream about animals all the time”

“I see a dog on the street and I never say: “what a cute dog”.         I say “I have to save it!”

Sound familiar?


It’s got a couple of highfalootin names: Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder and it could end your career in animal welfare. Then what?

Coaxed over from the West side-Lauren Glickman of Foray Consulting will come share strategies and ideas to keep your head right so you can do what you love to do for a long, long time.

June 16th 8:30-4:00 Clover Island Inn in Kennewick

$65 a person or $250 for 6 people from the same agency

Coffee and pastries in the AM.

Come learn for the animals that need you to stick around.

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Kuranda Bed

You can help by providing a bed for a dog to sleep on.  Click the image below for more information or learn more ways you can help.