This page is dedicated to all of the volunteers and people throughout the years that take the time to utilize their talents to help the Benton-Franklin Humane Society in their mission.

We would like to thank and show our appreciation to Robin Walker. Robin is a volunteer, that has used her amazing skill and talent as an artist to carry the good word about key issues.

Below is some of Robin’s work and her bio.

Thank you Robin! Keep up the great work!


ILLUSTRATION: Scientific illustration, notably for the American Museum of Natural History, Scientific American magazine and Harvard University. Other forms of illustration and cartooning.

TEACHING: Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle for thirteen years. Other teaching venues included Yakima Valley Community College.

EDUCATION: B.A. In Visual Art with minor in Biology from Antioch University Seattle. Classes in various art media at Cornish College of the Arts.

WRITING: Newspaper reporter (stringer) for the Yakima Herald. Attended Tri-Cities writers’ groups, and wrote a fantasy novel, Gaidamere’s War, with co-author Gary Boothe, a retired radiological physicist. The novel is now on Amazon Kindle.

NATURALIST: Ketchikan Alaska, two summers on a jet boat, three summers as a trail guide.

PAINTER: Alaskan subjects in watercolor and oil, represented by Scanlon