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Without the support of generous donors and committed volunteers like yourself, the Benton Franklin Humane Society (BFHS) would not exist, much less perform its stated mission.

Listed below are numerous different ways in which you can help.


  • Cash – This is the simplest way to give. Your cash gifts may be deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income for the taxable year. Any excess is deductible over the next five years.  Click here to donate now.


  • Volunteer – Volunteers lead the pack at BFHS, keep our doors open, and ensure our ability to care for animals. Dog walking, special events, front office, and outreach are just a few of the many different areas volunteers are utilized. Click here for more information on how your special gifts or skills can be put to use helping our animals!


  • Planned Giving  – Honorariums, bequests and trusts, and endowed gift giving are all ways for your donations to create a legacy for you or someone you love. Learn more here.

Donate a Kuranda Bed – Provide a bed for a dog to sleep on. Click the image.





  • Buy Our Gourmet Coffee – BFHS receives 100% of the profits. Our friends at RaiseMoneyForPets.com have launched a line of Rescue Roast Gourmet Coffee in our honor and are donating ALL proceeds directly to us! There is a limited supply and the cost is only $6 per bag of freshly ground gourmet coffee with our logo on it! Click here to buy our coffee today!
  • Sponsor an Animal – Many times otherwise qualified families cannot afford the adoption fees and other expenses of bringing home a new family pet. You can help ensure a shelter animal has a better chance at a loving home by underwriting some or all of the adoption expense
At your request, BFHS may also identify you as the sponsor. If you do not have a particular animal in mind, we will usually suggest one that has had a difficult time being adopted. Financial support for the adoption may be all that is needed to put an otherwise unwanted animal into a loving future home. Contact our Adoption Manager for more information.




  • Become a Corporate Sponsor  –  There are many ways in which your company can enhance its community visibility and brand positioning by affiliating with the BFHS.
    • Sponsor an event– The BFHS holds three popular events a year, and count on sponsors to support these events. Companies can choose among various levels of corporate participation. Past events have included:
      • Santa Paws (held in December)
      • Crab Feed (held in January)
      • Mardi Gras (held in May)
    • Host Your Own Benefit Event– Nobody knows the corporate culture better than your employees and leadership team. Planning a benefit event allows your company the freedom to reflect that culture and directly support BFHS’s programs. Ask us for ideas – We’d love to help YOU help us!
    • Promote BFHS in Company e-mails, Newsletters and Bulletins – Spreading the word about BFHS’s good work can be as easy as a mention in your corporate publications. Many companies use employee newsletters to highlight non-profit work – why not choose the Benton Franklin Humane Society’s upcoming events and unique programs as a way to “spread the word” about our NO-KILL shelter and outreach programs?
    • Encourage Employee Involvement – Community service by your employees enriches not only staff but also appeals to your discerning customers. BFHS looks to the community and corporate sponsors three times a year to support our major fundraising events. Corporate volunteers repeatedly say this is a win-win – why not join in!
  • Shop with the Big Dog – Looking for a way to wear your support for BFHS? Big Dogs clothing line will donate 15% of your online purchase to the BFHS. Click here for more details.