The BFHS Adoption Process

In an effort to continue to provide the best care for our animals while keeping our staff and the public safe, our shelter remains closed for public viewing. However, if you are interested in meeting a specific animal listed on our website, we are scheduling limited showings by appointment. Dogs will be shown outside while cats will be shown inside (masks & gloves required). A maximum of 2 animals can be shown during this time to minimize exposure.

Food donations are still available through our call-ahead service.

Donations to the shelter are welcome and appreciated.

A heartfelt thank you to all who continue to show their love and support for the animals during this time.

1. View available pets

View available dogs and cats on our website. Updated animal data is sent to the website every 15 minutes. Be sure to refresh the adoption pages in your browser for the latest information. Please note: An appointment is required to view our animals onsite.

2. Meet the animals and an Adoption Counselor

Once you’ve found an animal (or two!) that you’re interested in adopting, make an appointment to spend some time getting to know them in our meet & greet rooms or outdoor play yards. You’ll meet with one of our Customer Care representatives who are trained to help determine the best match for you and the animals. They can also answer your questions about the pets. Most pets have received a medical examination and/or a behavioral assessment to help determine the best type of home for that pet.

To assist in this process, you are invited to fill out an Adoption Questionnaire either in advance of your visit or in person.

3. Complete the adoption

Depending on the status of the animal, you may be able to take the pet home on the same day that you first meet them. While we cannot release unaltered animals, we will honor holds in the order they are received for 24 hours after the alter.  When you’ve found a great match, it’s time to complete the adoption process! You’re welcome to ask the Customer Care representatives questions about training and for tips on helping your new pet adjust to your home.     

Pet Meets: We also offer the service of introducing your new dog to your current dog. Bring your current dog with you if you intend on adopting that day and we’ll be glad to help with the introductions. In fact, dog-to-dog pet meets are highly encouraged! (Sorry, no inter-species pet meets.)

Placing Pets on Hold: Choosing a new animal is an important decision and we understand it can take time! If you have seen an animal in person at the shelter and would like 24-hours to decide if you are ready to bring this animal in to your family, a hold can be placed for a donation of $20 per animal. Please note, some animals may have multiple holds and are released in the order they are received. Holds expire after 24-hours.

Medical Consults: If the pet you’re interested in has any medical conditions, we will arrange pre-adoption consultations with our medical staff so you know what to expect.

Benefits of Adopting from BFHS

All pets adopted through BFHS come with the following benefits:

-All pets are spayed or neutered prior to going home, as well as receiving their initial vaccinations.

-Pets go home with a new collar and identification tags.

-Plenty of support and information from the experienced staff at BFHS.