AdvoCATs Kitty Corps Foster Program

Early in 2017, Benton Franklin Humane Society (BFHS) was chosen as one of only 3 organizations in the nation by Maddie’s Fund and Cat Adoption Team (Sherwood, Oregon) to be the recipient of a grant focusing on neo-natal kitten fostering. The program to be implemented, nicknamed Fostering 4 Rockstars, was modeled after Cat Adoption Team’s highly successful foster care system. Our version, called AdvoCATs Kitty Corps was unveiled in March of 2017. Neo-natal kittens with or without mothers and kittens under 8 weeks of age are eligible for foster. Kitty Corps is thoughtfully designed with a very specific goal in mind – the saving of lives and recruiting, teaching, and supporting new or previously experienced foster parents. Fosters with varying levels of experience are paired with knowledgeable mentors who can give valuable instruction, support and care when needed – such as administering vaccines in the home or advising a foster on their foster room set-up. Foster homes requirements:
  1. Attend a volunteer orientation at the shelter
  2. Attend a foster training session at the shelter
  3. A warm, dry, safe place in a separate room, in the home, away from other animals
  4. The ability to keep accurate, up-to-date medical records
  5. Commitment through the duration of the foster process: 10 days to 3 months for kittens (depending on the age of the kittens at the time kittens go into foster care)
  6. Spend a minimum two hours per day with foster kittens (and mama if she’s with them), for socialization and basic care
  7. Ability to travel occasionally to and from the shelter
  8. Foster families with children are welcome, and children are able to participate in fostering but parents must assume responsibility for the foster cat/kittens

Get Involved with AdvoCATs

If you’re interested in getting involved, please get in touch with us for more information and Foster Training days and times.   Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by phone at (509) 374-4235 or contact us below with any questions or concerns.